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Limited Time Offer

Limited Time Offer | March, 2021

Beltone's 80th Anniversary Savings Event

You asked for invisible and we delivered! introducing an unparalleled hearing experience!

  • Tiny in size and packed with 100% digital technology
  • Learns and remembers your hearing preference automatically
  • Delivers sound that is crystal clear and natural - without that tunnel effect
  • Filters out unwanted noise to deliver Optimum sound quality
  • Rechargeable - no more fussing with tiny batteries
  • 30 Hour Battery Life on Each Charge!

We Service All Makes and Models. Appointments are limited! Respond now! Our Event Ends March 31st

  • 100% Digital ITE (In-the-ear) YOU PAY $1999 $999
  • 100% Digital Open-Fit BTE (Behind-the-ear) YOU PAY $1999 $999
  • 100% Digital CIC (Completely-in-the-Canal) YOU PAY $1999 $999
  • 100% Digital Micro CIC (Completely-in-the- Canal) YOU PAY $1999 $999

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