Patient Testimonials

Wow! My life is changing! After much deliberation and advice I took the plunge and got a new set of hearing aids. They cost about three times as much as my first brand new car that iI bought many years ago. I was unprepared for the result of using the new aids since while I realized that I was having difficulty hearing everything with my former aids I thought I was doing pretty well. Once I put these on it was bad news and good news. The bad news is that my car has started to rattle and make funny noises, not only that all mechanical clocks in the house have started to constantly go tick tock. But the good news is that I have discovered I had not only missed a lot but often sat back missing what was going on around me.

Sunday was Mother's day and we were at one of my daughter's home along with lots of others and for the first time in years I was not sitting in the corner appearing to be ultimate wet blanket. I heard everyone found that they were even more interesting that I thought they were. What a great experience, I now can understand why people laugh at something rather that wondering what was so funny. The ambient noises in my world are back, the birds have started singing again, whole sentences are being said and heard. It is wonderful. I now believe in part we see with our ears.

I have always tried to be the best listener I can be and regularly feedback to folks what I think I hear and sure enough often we need to clarify. I will continue to do that to make sure we both agree on the content but I fully expect it will not be because I did not hear what they said. I honestly feel I will be more functional and will enjoy more of the world around me.

Life is great and it is wondrous when you discover it can even get better. I especially want to thank all of you who have tolerated my failings; maybe I am not as dumb as I am sure I often appeared to be. Please keep joy in your heart and a song on your lips for I am ready to listen. Thanks everyone.

Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Indianapolis, IN

Dear Beltone, Inc.

We on the bucket ministry of Plainfield Christian Church would like to thank you to be open to be used by God to reach out to people in our area who do not attend Plainfield Christian Church. God's ministry through our committee is to help pick someone up and show them the love of Christ. Without going in full detail, this family is supported by the wife and she needed help so she could hear. Your help really did help. In the next week, I plan to sit down with this lady and tell her about the true Love of God--Jesus. I will keep you informed through Jason how God is working.

In, through, and by HIM,